The Agile Skill Gap

You may have invested thousands, even millions of dollars on Agile training and coaching, but you may not be getting the results you expected.  Why?

Agile/Scrum training teaches basic concepts (knowledge), but doesn’t typically teach Scrum mechanics (skills).

Each product owner, scrum master, team member, or agile coach will have her/his own interpretation of Scrum.  Depending on the person, Scrum could mean anything from a highly data-driven empirical process to complete chaos.

The existing tools on the market (e.g. Jira, CA Agile Central) don’t have an opinion on what good Scrum looks like, so they cannot enforce good practices.

Management is left with unpredictable teams, and data that is inconsistent from team-to-team when scrum is rolled out at scale, if there is any data available at all!

lucidLIFT can help!

What is lucidLIFT?

lucidLIFT (patent pending, serial #62/398.4720) is the world’s first and only data-driven agile coaching and training software.  lucidLIFT adds virtual agile expertise to your teams by monitoring your backlogs 24 x 7 x 365, and using artificial intelligence to guide the teams.

We use “deliberate practice,” a technique originally used with elite athletes, to more effectively coach Scrum teams.

lucidLIFT helps build the skills and expertise you need to create high-performing, predictable teams that deliver results!

Build Predictable Agile Teams at Scale


lucidLIFT generates over 200 different types of facts. Facts could be simple (whether a story has points on it) to more complex (whether a release is on schedule).


lucidLIFT will alert the team if it detects a potential issue based on the facts collected. Alerts might be things like “unsized user story” or “release is off schedule.”


Facts are evaluated in order to set goals for the team. The goals feed into the team’s scrum maturity score, oriented towards building predictable teams.


lucidLIFT will build time series data from the facts collected for analyzing and displaying trends.


Goals are tracked for progress toward completion. As goals are completed, new goals are established at the beginning of the next sprint.


Dashboards, alerts, and goals link to “smart content,” explanations of the alerts and goals e real team embedded with actual team data, in order to guide the team.


” lucidLIFT is an assistant that keeps us on track.  We keep our backlog in Jira, and lucidLIFT is super easy to use, really plug and play.  It operates like a virtual scrum master! “

– Scott Eck, Product Owner

“lucidLIFT is extremely easy to use.  It gives me added support to keep me going in the right direction.  lucidLIFT is an agile coach that you can use on your own schedule!”

– Carol Hamer, Business Process Analyst

“lucidLIFT connects right up to Visual Studio.  It really allows us to learn quickly about Agile.  It also gives me daily alerts that keep me on track.”

– Ann Novotny, Application Support Specialist

“lucidLIFT, with a click of a button, tells me, “Here’s what you should work on.”  The sprint planner function is a cool feature!”

– Bob Mordorski, Product Owner

Video Testimonials

lucidLIFT Integrates With Your Agile Tool

Connect lucidLIFT to your existing agile backlog tool, such as Jira, CA Agile Central, or VSTS, and in minutes you will have in-depth information about your Agile teams that has never been available.

Your team members and leaders will receive email alerts, making them aware of potential issues, with convenient links back to your source system so they can fix problems immediately.

Managers and executives receive a daily summary of team activity delivered directly to their email inbox, so they can focus their attention where it is needed.


lucidLIFT Features

  • Alerts sent to team members and managers of potential concerns.
  • Daily Summary of all the alerts generated over the past 24 hours for review and discussion.
  • Expert training content targeted to each team based on facts derived from their backlog using AI.
  • Situational awareness driven by near real-time dashboards showing team trends and insights.
  • Suggested team goals and monitoring of progress toward goal completion.
  • Scrum maturity metrics and trends to see team progress over time and to detect backsliding.
  • Consistent, yet flexible, approach to implementing scrum at scale.

Build Better Teams,
Build Better Software

You can build the most productive Agile teams in your company, or even your entire industry, and more productive teams mean better products and a more profitable business.

We want to be your Agile partner!  Contact us today to set up a demo or discuss your situation.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.