The Agile Software Development Crisis

The latest Standish report showed that 61% of agile projects were challenged or failed. Our teams are not reaching the full benefit that agile promised. Why?

According to the latest State of Agile survey conducted by the Agile Alliance, lack of experience with agile methods was the most common reason that projects fail. Teams that are deficient in the ability to apply basic agile practices tend to run into trouble. Investing in solid foundational training in agile techniques, and competent coaching as to their proper application, is money well spent.

Investing in agile training and coaching is critical to agile success. But typical agile training often occurs before the team is ready to apply the concepts. Good coaching is expensive, typically involving long contracts, and the coach can only work with a single team at any given time. As expensive as a good agile implementation is, a poor agile implementation is even more expensive, costing you millions in failed projects and lost revenue.

The lucidLIFT solution: How are we different?

While most consulting firms benefit from long consulting engagements, our goal is to help your software teams achieve agile mastery and self-organization as quickly as possible. We use short consulting engagements to identify problems that may be holding you back, root your teams in solid agile values and techniques, and help you make any necessary adjustments. We also use our proprietary coaching and training software on every engagement to increase transparency, and help your teams continuously improve. For a tiny fraction of the cost of a coach, our software can remain with your team, monitoring your backlogs 24 x 7, alerting you to potential problems, and helping your team continuously achieve new levels of excellence. No agile coach can do that!


lucidLIFT Coaching Services

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    Agile Assessment
    We assess your teams agile maturity and capabilities on-site, pointing out the strengths that you should build on, and opportunities for improvement.
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    Agile Tune-Up
    We engage with your development organization for one or more sprints to re-align your teams with agile principles and values.

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    Agile Transformation
    We engage with your development organization for a few months to correct any barriers to success, and coach your teams to be self-organized, eliminating the need for a long coaching contract.

lucidLIFT Software

(Patent pending, Serial #62/398.472)

Our proprietary coaching and training software is included in every consulting engagement. Our software embodies the principles of deliberate practice: set goals, receive expert coaching, practice (develop software during a short sprint), and receive immediate feedback.  This is the same technique used by elite athletes to achieve optimal performance.

  • 24 x 7 monitoring of all product backlogs.
  • Email alerts to team members and managers of potential concerns.
  • Expert training content targeted to your specific needs based on data.
  • Executive dashboard showing team trends and insights.
  • Automated sprint reports and recommendations.
  • Suggested team goals and monitoring of progress.